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Pokhara Chitwan, Sauraha Tourist Bus

Pokhara Chitwan, Sauraha Tourist Bus
  • Price: NPR 1,000 sofa bus
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Duration: 5-6 hour

Pokhara Chitwan, Sauraha Tourist Bus

Trip Overview

Firstly, our agency has been providing different bus services all around Nepal. Among them, Pokhara Chitwan, Sauraha Tourist Bus service is convenient for the people wishing to visit Chitwan from Pokhara or Pokhara from Chitwan. Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan are the destination city in Nepal which no tourist either internal or international want to miss while visiting Nepal. For instance, people residing in Pokhara and who wish to experience some jungle safari can book the Pokhara to Chitwan bus service. Similarly, the person in Chitwan can book a Chitwan to Pokhara bus service to visit our city of lake and nature, Pokhara. Likewise, both places serve their own attraction to distract you from everyday boring or hectic life. While focusing on the destination we shouldn’t forget to enjoy the journey which takes us there. Thus for a comfortable and mesmerizing journey remember us.

Contact us at:

Kathmandu Office014514568,9851237317 (Whatsapp)
Pokhara Office061458550, 9801177317 (WhatsApp)
Mail us athikeontrek@gmail.com
Location of Kathmandu officeOpen Google Map
Location of Pokhara OfficeStreet No. Four Pokhara Lakeside

The Chitwan to Pokhara bus ticket price is Rs 1,000.

Many means of transportation are available for traveling between Chitwan and Pokhara but the road trip is on the next level. in other words, road trips allow us to explore the surrounding nature, architecture, buildings, bridges, etc. The distance between Pokhara and Chitwan by road is about 145km. So, it takes approximately a 5-6 hour drive depending upon weather conditions and the traffic. Moreover, the Pokhara to Chitwan, Sauraha journey takes place through the Prithivi Highway. And, both city Chitwan and Pokhara have their own unique features and specialties to serve.

You can also visit Pokhara from Kathmandu for which we have a Kathmandu Pokhara Tourist Bus service. Also if you are visiting Chitwan from Kathmandu don’t forget to check our Kathmandu Chitwan, Sauraha Tourist Bus service. Our bus is clean regularly and the servicing of the bus is followed according to provision. Vehicle servicing is the major aspect that ensures vehicle safety.

Pokhara to Chitwan Sofa Bus:

Bus  Type Fare
Pokhara to Chitwan VIP Sofa Air Suspension Bus RS. 1000/-
Overall this particular Chitwan to Pokhara Tourist Bus departs early in the morning. Also, this bus provides daytime transportation from Pokhara to Chitwan and  Chitwan to Pokhara by bus.
Pokhara to Chitwan Sofa Bus
Pokhara to Chitwan Sofa Bus
Pokhara to Chitwan Tourist Bus
Pokhara to Chitwan Tourist Bus
Boarding Points in Pokhara to Chitwan Sofa Bus Boarding Points in Chitwan to Pokhara Sofa Bus
Time Place Time Place
6:30 AM Tourist Bus Park 07:30 AM Sauraha
07:10 AM Himalayan Petrol Pump 07:40 AM Tandi
07:20 AM Prithivi Chwok 07:50 AM Bharatpur
07:30 AM Amarsingh Chowk 08:00 AM Aaptari
07:40 am Taal Chowk

The Chitwan to Pokhara Tourist Bus or Pokhara to Chitwan Bus service is the best way to travel to Chitwan or Pokhara respectively by road. Pokhara to Chitwan is about 170 km long – around 6-7  hours. Hence, you must be comfortable in your ride. Our Pokhara to Chitwan Sauraha Sofa tourist bus has features of air-conditioning,  toilet, sofa luxury, etc. However, you can also choose buses without air-conditioning, without toilets, and without a sofa. All buses have luxury seats, neat and clean. Also, the Driver and helper are very responsible and friendly to the passengers.

Pokhara to Chitwan Bus or Sauraha Sofa Tourists Bus Facilities:

  • Modern and well-serviced Bus
  • Experience and expert drivers
  • Air conditioning facility
  • Movies and Music time
  • Lunch and toilet breaks
  • Affordable Pokhara to Sauraha bus ticket price

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Pokhara Chitwan, Sauraha Tourists Bus Facilities:

Chitwan to Pokhara sofa bus, Pokhara To Chitwan Sofa Bus
Chitwan to Pokhara sofa bus, Pokhara To Chitwan Sofa Bus
  • Clean and cozy seats
  • Lunch and toilet breaks at quality places
  • Music and movie system
  • Experience drivers with smooth driving
  • AC facilities
  • Affordable price for best services

Places to visit in Chitwan from Pokhara:

Chitwan National park
Elephant Riding (Jungle Safari)

Chitwan is a culturally gifted, naturally enriched, and religiously worshipped district of Nepal. All types of tourists who are whipped for nature or devotees of religion or hungry for exploring culture and tradition will be satisfied to visit Chitwan.  It lies in the inner terai of Nepal so the climate is slightly hot. You can enjoy the view of elephants showering in rivers. Also, you will find a one-horn Rhino walking in the middle of a busy city. In addition to this, some reasons to visit Chitwan are:

Naturally whipped tourists:

  • Chitwan National Park
  • Jungle safari
  • Jungle Trek
  • Jeep safari
  • Elephant Breeding house, etc

  The devotees:

  • Devghat Dham
  • Sashwat Dham
  • Shivaghat
  • Valmiki Ashram, etc

For exploring Cultural:

  • Tharu Cultural Museum, etc

Places to visit in Pokhara from Chitwan:

Lakeside Pokhara
Lakeside Pokhara

Pokhara has a different fanbase among tourists. Its surroundings and climatic condition makes it attractive for fun and adventurous activities. From sighting the beauty of nature and religious places to sky traveling makes the Pokhara stands at the top of every traveler’s bucket list.  Similarly, it is popular for vacations with family, friends, colleagues, students, etc. Also during the marriage season, it is on the priority list of couples for their honeymoon trip.

Reasons to visit Pokhara are:

  • Fewa Lake, Begnas Lake, etc
  • Bindhayabasini Temple
  • International Mountain Museum
  • Mahendra Cave
  • David’s Falls
  • World Peace Pagoda
  • Gorkha Memorial Museum, etc

Some of the activities in Pokhara are:

  • Paragliding
  • Ultralight Flight
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Boating, etc

 Pokhara Chitwan, Sauraha Bus Ticket Cost:

The bus fare from Pokhara to Sauraha or vice-versa is about NPR 1000. It is the price for both Pokhara to Chitwan bus service and Chitwan to Pokhara bus service. This price is best among all the agencies providing the same facilities. Hikeontreks believes in quality service at the best price.

Pokhara Chitwan Sofa Bus Timngs:

From To Departure Arrival Pickup Point
Chitwan Pokhara 8 am 2 pm Tourist Bus Park
Pokhara Chitwan 7:30 am 2 pm Tourist Bus Park

Pokhara Chitwan Bus Ride During Covid:

Covid-19 has been prevailing in our surroundings since its outburst. To control the spread of Covid-19, WHO has provided various safety measures to follow. And we as the responsible agency follow all safety measures like;

  • Properly wearing a mask
  • Sanitization of vehicle
  • Requesting passengers to use sanitizer or wash their hands with soap

 How to Book Pokhara to Chitwan or Chitwan to Pokhara Bus Ticket?

Chitwan to Pokhara sofa Tourist Bus
Chitwan to Pokhara sofa Tourist Bus

You can easily book tickets for Pokhara Chitwan, Sauraha Tourist Bus service online. You can also call us. We also accept online payment through various mediums. This makes it convenient to provide our service through your smartphone. After receiving payment for the tickets we send the details through email or messages like Viber or WhatsApp. For more info, you can always call us. To know about the Pokhara to Chitwan Tourist Bus Ticket Price or Chitwan to Pokhara Tourist Bus Ticket Price and its availability then yo can contact us at the information provided in the Contact table.

If your journey goes smoothly and comfortably, you will enjoy the destination even more. Thus book the journey right now from Hikeontreks. Also, if you are traveling in any part of Nepal remember us. We provide different vehicle rental services too. For a comfortable journey book a sofa bus  from Pokhara To Chitwan.

Detailed Itinenary

It is about a 5-6 hour journey. But the time may differ depending upon the festival season, weather, and traffic.

Trip Info

1. What's Includes

  • Bus fare
  • Comfortable journey
  • Expert driver



  • Breakfast and lunch

Personal expenses

2. Doesn't Includes

  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Personal expenses

Trip Highlights

  • Cozy and Luxurious Service
  • Safety with experienced drivers
  • Easy to book tickets
  • Follow WHO prescribe health measures to control Covid-19
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