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Harness Zipline And Adventure Resort

Harness Zipline and Adventure Resort
  • Max Altitute: 1294m
  • Price: 4500 NPR per Zipline
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Duration: 2 min approximately

Harness Zipline And Adventure Resort

Trip Overview

Adventure activities have been attracting tourists to many places. Thus, Harness Zipline and Adventure Resort have been established to fulfill certain areas of the mountain adventure act. As a result, the resort has built the world’s second-longest Zipline. It also serves other adventure activities like Superman-style Zipline, TandemZipline, Classic Zipline, etc. That is why it has been the talk to every adventure lover. As the resort is newly open so here we are to provide all information related to the Harness Zipline and Adventure Activities and its services. HikeonTreks is one of the authorized travel agencies where you can book resort-related services for various adventure activities. So let’s go for another journey of adrenaline rushing.

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Harness Zipline and Adventure Resort are in the bed of nature of Kusma. It lies in the Parbat district. As Kusma is popular for other adventure activities like bungee jumping, different types of swing, Zipline has complemented the place even more. The service recently in operation are such as Superma-style Zipline, Classic Zipline, etc.  Hence, it is a newly constructed resort which has started its service on Jan 8, 2022. Though it has open one week later than a new year it was supposed to be a new year gift for adventure lovers.

According to locals and the official body, the resort is expected to flourish the tourism of the place. For local development, the Harness Pvt. has established the resort with the combined investment of the local youths. That is why it was inaugurated by Kusma Municipality major. Kusma is already on the peak with its adventure lover visitor and this new long Zipline has highlighted the place even more.

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Long Zipline in Harness Zipline and Adventure Resort:

The zipline spot is just 250m in height. It is above the holy Kaligandaki river. While we are in Zipline, at the start it moves at the rate of 130 km per hour which decreases as it approaches the end. Likewise, the zipline will stop at the bank of the Kaligandaki where there is a resort. Superman-style Zipline new whereas Tandem Zipline and Classic Zipline are also popular among the visitor.

Zipline Length: 1400m
Zipline Height: 250m
Speed during activity: 36.1 m/s
Time for Zipline Approximately 2 min

As it is the second-longest Zipline in the world, the longest Zipline is in Dubai. It is a 2800m long Superman-style Zipline. Thus it has come in the eye of the adventurer lover even though it has not been that long since its opening. We can also say that it has increased the possibility of tourism in the mountain region. Adventure activities provide you with the thrill of living and give you the sense of being alive. That is why we suggest you give it a try.

The costing in Harness and Adventure Resort:

Zipline Cost in Harness Zipline and Adventure Resort

Activities                     Cost(NPR)
Super Man Style Zipline 4500
Classic Zipline 3500

By Jan 8, 2022, the resort has been in operation commercially. The Managing Director of the Harness Zipline and Adventure Activities has provided the above mention cost of various Zipline of the resort. Also, we can see that all ages ranging from 8 years to 70 years old are enjoying the activities. Though it seems like the activity is for adults if you are physically fit and healthy then you can join the activity despite your age. As your safety is our priority you have to provide your current correct information if asked by the operator.

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Safety Equipment in Harness Zipline and Adventure Resort:

Harness zipline and Adventure Resort-Equipments

Every adventure activities comes with their own sense of risk. That is why we should follow and used quality equipment for the activities. Thus taking the safety into consideration, the Harness and Adventure Resort has used the certified and branded company’s equipment. Some of them are American brand head rush zip stop breaking system. This ensure the 100% safety of the adventurer. In contrast, the activity has been in operation only after going through various technical and safety testing.

Safety measures followed by the resort:

  • Experienced and qualified technicians and operator
  • Proper counselling before the activity
  • Branded and certified equipments
  • Follows Covid-19 safety measures
  • Provide instruction like dress code, posture etc

Book the Harness Zipline Activity through HikeonTreks:

Being an Authorized Comapany, HikeonTreks provides the service to book the different adventure activities in Harness Zipline and Adventure Resort. as a matter of fact Kusma in near Pokhara so if you are willing to go there from Pokhara then you can contact us in our Pokhara office i.e (061458550). Our office lies in Frontgate, Pokhara Airport in Pokhara. If you want book the service then you can visit our office in Kathmandu (014514568). We are also available online thus you can book the activity from anywhere in Nepal with Hikeontreks. You can also contact us through Viber or Whatsapp (98512373179801177317). Adventure is something that makes you feel more alive so why not get this life thrilling feeling. If you are up for the activity then book the service now.

Detailed Itinenary

You can plan your own Customized trip just Contact HikeonTreks.

Trip Info

1. What's Includes

  • Zipline Activities
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation as per package.

2. Doesn't Includes

  • Personal Expenses
  • Extra Adventure Activities
  • Tips and all

Trip Highlights

  • World’s second-longest Zipline
  • Experience the adventure activities in the bed of Nature
  • Newest and finely constructed Harness Zipline and Adventure Activities Resort
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