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Kathmandu To Delhi Bus Service

Kathmandu to Delhi Bus Service
  • Price: NPR 4,800
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Duration: 21-22 hour

Kathmandu To Delhi Bus Service

Trip Overview

Nepal shares its border with India from three sides. Thus, these two countries have been neighbors since forever. There are many similarities in the culture, tradition, language, custom, religion, and much more between Nepal and India. Being one of the renowned Travel Company, our agency provides Kathmandu to Delhi Bus Service.  This service connects two countries by road transportation. As we all know we don’t need a visa for traveling to India from Nepal or vice-versa. It is one of the diplomatic terms between two nations that have provided visa-free visiting permission to the citizen of both countries. Through our agency, you can book bus tickets from Kathmandu to Delhi. In case you are in Delhi, you can also book Delhi to Kathmandu Bus tickets.

Want to learn about Kathmandu to Delhi Bus Ticket at the best price?

Viber/Whatsapp 9851237317
Kathmandu Office 014514568
Pokhara Office 061458550
Price Rs.4500

Kathmandu to Delhi Bus service is a luxury Bus that provides a cozy and luxurious experience to the passenger. The driving distance between Kathmandu and Delhi is about 1,140 km. A road trip can be tiring but it adds a lot of fun and a way scene in our memory. Approximately, it takes around 21-22 hours to complete the journey. The journey is quite long but our service will help to reduce the tiredness and stiffness during the journey. The bus also stops for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and some other short toilet breaks. Eventually, you will be able to enjoy the full route journey between Kathmandu and Delhi. So book the tickets now from Hike On Treks.

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Kathmandu to Delhi Bus Tickets:

Hike on Treks is an experienced travel agency that operates almost every type of bus within Nepal. Likewise, it also operates a bus service for traveling between Nepal and India. Among them, Kathmandu to Delhi bus service and Delhi to Kathmandu bus service is effective on the operation. This service is introduced to the public by our agency after DTC (Delhi Transportation corporation) and Nepal Government purpose for Nepal India Bus Sewa. You can book different bus tickets from Nepal to India from our agency. We have our own offices in Kathmandu and Pokhara. After the introduction to Nepal India Bus Sewa, Hike on Treks has been providing all related services as an authorized agency.

Nepal-India Friendship Bus Service:

Nepal-India Friendship

Both countries’ governments have introduced Nepal-India Friendship Bus Sewa under the act of ‘Indo-Nepal Vehicle Agreement 2014’. It was introduced under the Modi government of India. Because of this service, people can now easily travel within both countries. Under this act, 36 routes between India and Nepal have been approved. Thus, it has contributed a lot to building a stronger friendship between Nepal and India. Kathmandu to Delhi Bus or Delhi to Kathmandu Bus, Kathmandu to Siliguri Bus or Siliguri to Kathmandu Bus, etc are some other bus services provided by our company between Nepal and India.

We have an office in Pokhara. You can contact on Pokhara office through call (061458550). We also provide Pokhara to Delhi Bus service and Delhi to Pokhara Bus service. It is one of the 36 routes which has been approved by both governments. Pokhara to Delhi bus service is also quite in demand. And if you are in Pokhara or currently in Pokhara and want to travel to Delhi then book Pokhara to Delhi Bus service from us.

Kathmandu to Delhi or Delhi to Kathmandu Bus service Cost:

The ticket rate fixed by DTC and Nepal government for Delhi to Kathmandu Bus tickets is INR 2,800. While converting into Nepalese rupee it becomes NPR 4,800. It is the standard Kathmandu-Delhi bus ticket price. If you like to way in USD then the price of Kathmandu to Delhi bus service is 35 USD. You can also book two-way tickets from Kathmandu to Delhi and Delhi to Kathmandu. People become confused about where to book India to Nepal Bus service. Thus, we recommend you book your ticket online through our agency.

Bus Service from Nepal to Delhi:

Bus Services Departure Location Departure Time

Kathmandu to Delhi Bus


Swyambhunath 10 AM

Pokhara to Delhi Bus


Mugling 12:30 AM-1:00 PM

Narayanghat to Delhi Bus


Narayanghat, Pulchowk New kitchen Cafe 2:30 PM-3:00 PM

Sunauli to Delhi Bus


Sunauli border, Opposite of Siddhartha bus stand 6:30 PM-7:00 PM

As for the reservation of seats, you have to pay NPR 4,000 as the seat are reserved from Kathmandu. Thus, you have to pay the bus fare of 4,000 NPR per individual for the Kathmandu Delhi Bus ticket.

Different Types of bus operating Kathmandu Delhi bus service:

Delhi-Kathmandu Bus

Many national and international travel agencies provide Nepal-India Bus services. There are different types of buses that are in use for Kathmandu to Delhi Bus Services. Every bus has its own specialties.

Bus Type Feature Price
Manjushree Air Suspension Air Suspension Rs.4500
Manjushree Air Suspension Semi Sleeper Rs.4500
Manjushree ( India Nepal Friendship Bus ) Air Suspension Rs.4500
United Nepal Manjushree Air Suspension Rs.4500

 Facilities in Kathmandu Delhi Bus:

Ktm-Delhi bus

Kathmandu to Delhi bus is a luxurious bus that has almost every facility possible within the bus. The deluxe bus has 44 seats. These buses have air conditioning facilities. They also have USB ports so that the passenger can use or charge their electronic gadgets. Most of the buses provide free WiFi facilities too. This service helps to entertain the passenger or make them engaged or connected to friends and family through the internet.

The best service about Kathmandu to Delhi bus is that they have inbuilt toilet in case of nature-call emergency. The journey is about a whole day depending upon both countries’ traffic, weather, etc. Also, only excellent and experienced drivers drive the bus. Therefore call us on above mention number to book Kathmandu to Delhi Bus Tickets or Delhi to Kathmandu Bus Tickets.

Kathmandu to Delhi Bus During Covid:

After Covid-19, the Kathmandu-Delhi bus service has resumed from the first of November, 2020. The fare for the bus has been changed after Corona. The timing for departure has also changed which is 6:00 pm. The health measure that you should follow while traveling is:

  • Wear a mask properly to cover your mouth and nose.
  • Avoid unnecessary crowds.
  • Sanitize your hand before Breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

How to book Kathmandu to Delhi Bus ticket?

You can book the ticket by contacting our agency which is an authorized company after the introduction to Nepal India Friendship Bus Sewa. We are available most of the time to respond to your call. Even if you have some query we will be more than happy to provide you Kathmandu-Delhi Bus service information.

Correspondence Officers are:

You can pay for the Delhi to Kathmandu Bus ticket online. After receiving payment we provide you’re the detail information about the book tickets and other further information. For more info call us on the above number.

Detailed Itinenary

The journey is basically one day long. It takes about 22 hours to drive from Kathmandu to Delhi.

Trip Info

1. What's Includes

It includes all the facilities mentioned above.

  • Kathmandu to Delhi Bus Fare
  • Air condition
  • USB ports
  • Mineral water
  • Blanket


2. Doesn't Includes

  • Personal expenses
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Tips

Trip Highlights

  • Cozy and luxurious journey
  • Authorized agency for the management of Nepal India friendship Bus
  • Easy ticket booking at a reasonable price
  • Experience drivers make the long journey a little less stiff
  • Detail information about Kathmandu to Delhi Bus Service