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Kalinchowk Tour Packages

Kalinchowk Tour Packages
  • Max Altitute: 3842m
  • Price: Starting from Rs.3200
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Duration: 1 night 2 days

Kalinchowk Tour Packages

Trip Overview

Kalinchowk Tour Packages offers the trip to the amazing mountainside which is just 150km northeast of Kathmandu. Kalinchowk is one of the demanding destinations mostly among internal tourists. During the winter season, the place is usually crowded with domestic tourists. You can book this amazing trip on HikeonTreks. Not only do we provide the packages at a reasonable price but we also best service.  Before booking the package the information like where Kalinchowk is, what types of hotels are in Kalinchowk, the best time to visit Kalinchowk, weather conditions,s and price for the Kalinchowk Tour are thoroughly mentioned below. We have different packages for Kalinchowk from couples to students to family and friends. The Kalinchowk Bhagwati Tour cost is also affordable based on the facility you want. You can contact our agency for further information.

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Kalinchowk Tour Packages – 2022:

HikeonTreks provide various packages for visiting Kalinchowk.  We want all the people to visit this fabulous place. For that reason, we have different packages from Deluxe to average for different types of people. We also provide the Kalinchowk Tour Package for students at a very affordable price. Basically, the packages differ on the mode of transportation you choose, the itinerary you want to stay there, and the Hotels in Kalinchowk where you like to stay. The cost for Kalinchowk Bhagwati Tour fully depends upon the service you choose to include. The cost for the best hotels in Kalinchowk is slightly more than the other normal hotel. So, you will get the best service for the money you spend on the trip. Some of the Packages according to Hotel service are:

1. Normal-Sharing Package for Kalinchowk Tour:

Cost for Normal-Sharing Package for Kalinchowk Tour
No of People Cost for Person(NPR)
  7 person 5600
8 person 5200
20 to 23 people by Bus 4000

Sharing Hotel roomsKalinchowk normal package

This package is especially for students who are willing to visit the place in a group. Also if you are visiting with a group of your friends then it is the most affordable package. In this package, the hotel rooms are provided on sharing basis. You have to share the room as well as the washroom. Some rooms may have attached bathrooms but not all rooms on sharing basis have attached bathrooms. Also, hot water may not be always available. Besides that, the rooms are comfortable and cozy. While visiting in a group, you may prefer these types of rooms. The cost for the Kalinchowk Tour of sharing hotel room package is Rs.5500 per person with the Scorpio jeep ride( 7 to 8 person per ride). It is the cheapest and most affordable price with the best service. Some Hotel services of Kalinchowk are:

  • Cozy rooms
  • Clean and sanitized restroom
  • Healthy and tasty food as dinner and breakfast
  • Lunch at Mude

Kalinchowwk Dolakha Resort is one of the resorts providing room facilities for the Normal package- Kalinchowk Tour.

2.  VIP Dlux Package  for Kalinchowk Tour:

Cost for VIP Dlux Package for Kalinchowk Tour
No of People Cost for Person(NPR)
 7 person 7600
8 person 7100
20 to 25 people by Bus 5500

Hotels in Kalinchowk

Deuxe room in Hotel


It is the most luxurious package which comes with accommodation of the best hotel in Kalinchowk. This package provides deluxe room service to the visitor. These hotel rooms in Kalinchowk are basically full of luxurious service. These rooms have their own attached bathroom, air conditioning. Their room is bigger than other normal rooms with the facility of both hot and cold water. Also, the food there is tasty and more importantly healthy. During winter, you will undoubtedly need these types of rooms to have a comfortable vacation.  You can also book the room as per the beds you want. If you are traveling with your Family then this package is best for you. Our agency provides the above Kalinchowk Tour Packages at Rs.7500 per person on the Scorpio jeep ride( 7 to 8 person per ride). Thus, about 7 to 8 passengers will be able to visit at a time. This cost includes the hotel room price too. Some deluxe room hotel facilities in Kalinchowk are:

  • Attach bathroom
  • Hot and Coldwater
  • Air conditioning
  • Buffet Dinner and Breakfast
  • Lunch at Mude
  • TV and cozy sofas, etc

Hotel Kainchowk Country Villa is one of the resorts providing room facilities for the Deluxe package- Kalinchowk Tour.

Kalinchowk – Hill Station:

It is the municipality in the rural side of the Dolakha district of Nepal. It is at an altitude of 3842m from sea level. Kalinchowk is basically known as the famous hill station and a very popular tourist destination. People are crazy for its beauty in winter as the snowfall occurs in that time. Along with that other activities like trekking and skiing are also practiced in Kalinchowk. The main attraction of the place is its landscape, and religious sites like Kalinchowk Bhagwati Mandir, Dolakha Bimsen Mandir, etc. Kalinchowk Tour sensually gives the vibe of a Switzerland tour in Nepal. In addition to this, people of various ethnicity live in this region. That is why you all will be able to witness their culture and living style. While visiting Kalinchowk you will be able to live the dream of breathing between the mountains.

Cost of Kalinchowk our Packages (2022):

You can travel to Kalinchowk through different mediums. No matter which way you choose to travel the place you will enjoy the trip to the fullest. However, the price of the Kalinchowk Tour depends upon the mode of transportation you choose and the days you decide to stay at Kalinchowk. And, winter is the best season to visit Kalinchowk. You will be able to enjoy the snowfall in winter which makes the place even more attractive. Some packages provided by our HikeonTreks agency for 2 Days and 1 Night of Kalinchowk Tour from Kathmandu are in the following table:

Tour Package Passengers Cost(NPR)
Kalinchowk Tour by Bus 20-28 person 3200 per person
Kalinchowk Tour by jeep 7-8 person 4500 per person
Kalinchowk Tour by Scorpio 8 person 6200 per person
Kalinchowk Tour by Car 3 person 20000 per 3 person

Hotel Rooms  in Kalinchowk:

As being a famous tourist destination many hotels and accommodation center has been constructed in the Kalinchowk area. Those hotels provide the service according to your preference. From luxurious deluxe rooms to affordable and cozy rooms, all you can get. But due to the crowd during the season, you have to book the service prior to your Kalinchowk Trip. HikeonTreks will book the service as you ask. Thus, you will surely enjoy the trip along with your comforts. Though during winter you have to be careful about the cloth you are wearing. We request you all to dress warmly as you will experience snowfall along with the freezing atmosphere there in Kalinchowk. To avoid difficulty during the trip we suggest you book all the services of the Kalinchowk tour prior.

Deluxe room in Kalinchowk

How to Book Kalinchowk Tour Package on HikeonTreks?

Our agency provides the most convenient way to book holiday or vacation packages. You can simply contact us through Viber or WhatsApp(9851237317) to book the package. After that, you will have to provide information like how many of you are visiting, what type of package you want, which vehicle you want, etc. Then you can book the trip by paying online through E-Sewa, Khalti, etc. And eventually, you will be provided with the trip details after we received your payment. Kalinchowk is mostly crowded in the winter season so advance booking will help you to assure the trip. So, feel free to contact us any time to book Kalinchowk Tour Packages.

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Detailed Itinenary

Kalinchowk Bhagwati Tour from Kathmandu:

Day 1:

At first, we will travel from Kathmandu to Kuri Village. It is a journey of 6-7 hours. After that, we will stay overnight there.

Day 2:

The next day we will travel from Kuri Village to Kalinchowk Bhagwati Mandir. We will be able to enjoy the mesmerizing scenery of Kainchowk. And after roaming and sightseeing there we will eventually return to Kathmandu.


Trip Info

1. What's Includes

  • Transportation cost
  • ¬†Accommodation
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

2. Doesn't Includes

  • Travel Insurance
  • Tips for the staff
  • Any personal costs
  • Cable Car Tickets

Trip Highlights

  • Kalinchowk Temple Darshan
  • Stunning and mesmerizing landscape
  • Visit Dolakha Bhimsen Mandir
  • Kalinchowk Cable Car
  • Exciting activities like camp-fire in Kuri Village
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