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International Flights from Pokhara

As in Nepal, international flights have been operating from only one airport i.e Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. For the purpose of decentralization of service and facilities, other international airports construction is in the process. Among them, Pokhara International Airport is near to its future inauguration. Thus, people will be able to travel internationally from Pokhara too. Even before the completion of the airport our agency assured you to provide the facility to book different international flights direct from Pokhara. We all know it has been the dream of every Nepalese to unleash the burden of having only one airport throughout the country.

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Besides this, other international airports in Lumbini and in the Bara district are also under construction. The construction of these airports is one of the ways to develop our counter Nepal. Thus after the complete construction of Pokhara International Airport around early 2022, we provide the service to book different international flights indirectly from Pokhara.

Pokhara International Airport:

Pokhara International Airport

As far as know the only International Airport in Nepal is Tribhuvan International Airport. It has been the first and only international airport for decades since its establishment in 1995. The construction of other international airports has been on paper for a long time. Likewise, the concept of the Pokhara International airport was discussed or first taken into consideration in 1976 by the government of Nepal. After that, the Japan International Cooperation Agency has done a research study for airport construction in Nepal around 1989. However, the work was only started the year later after the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal sign an agreement with China CAMC Engineering. This company was provided the responsibility of the construction of the airport.

Despite being proposed for a long time, the actual work for the construction of Pokhara International Airport start in April 2016. And it is expected to finish in early 2022.

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The estimated cost for the construction of Pokhara International Airport is about $305 million USD. According to a different report, the airport will handle over a million passengers in a year. Pokhara International Airport is the new step to improve the transportation facility of the nation. Besides transportation, the airport will bless the citizen with various job opportunities.

 The airport will have a runway of 2500m with a parallel taxiway that can accommodate the medium range of jets like Boeing 737/757 and Airbus A320. Similarly, the place will have concrete runways along with jet bridges. The parking spot in the airport will be able to park 11 aircraft. Among them, 8 will be domestic and 3 will be international aircraft like TIA, Pokhara International Airport will also have both domestic and international terminals. It will have 10,000 sq.m of international building terminal and 4,000 sq.m of the domestic terminal building. After the completion of the project, international Flights from Pokhara will run smoothly.

When will the International flights from Pokhara start?

As per the reports and news circulating, the International airport will open in two steps. Before opening the Pokhara International Airport directly for international flights, it will open for domestic flights. It was predicted to start from January 2022. However, due to Covid and its impact, it is expected to be open by April to July 2022. It will eventually replace the old Pokhara Airport.

After opening for domestic flights, the airport will run international flights within 3 months. There is no announcement of any exact date for the inauguration of Pokhara International Airport.

Where is Pokhara International Airport Located?

It is 3km east of the existing Pokhara Airport. The airport is connecting with the Prithivi Highway for better accessibility. It is in Pokhara City which lies in Gandaki Province, Nepal. It covers about 200 hectares of the total area. That area belongs to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN).

The airport will minimize the air traffic in Tribhuvan International Airport. People also don’t have to travel to Kathmandu for their international flights. Despite being a popular city Pokhara lacks an international flights facility. Thus, this airport will provide international flights from Pokhara to all the citizen who lives near Pokhara or who have better access to Pokhara than Kathmandu.

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 How to Book International Flights from Pokhara – 2022?

The schedule for the international flights from Pokhara International Airport will shortly be provided after its inauguration. There will be international flights direct from Pokhara. The booking procedure is the same as the previous one. You can contact HikeonTreks to book any national and international flights from Pokhara. Same as TIA, the airlines like Nepal Airways, Himalayan Airways, etc will conduct international flights. You can also book charter flights through Hikeontreks. We have our office in Frontgate of Pokhara Aiport or can simply contact us on 061458550. We will be at your service simultaneously after the opening of Pokhara International Airport.

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