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Neighboring to Nepal, the outstanding and amazing land which blows mind and heart of us is Tibet. Also, Tibet is known as “Roof of the World” due to its towering peaks. Tibet, a region of mystery color and culture has flourished in secrecy for centuries. Major religion practiced in Tibet is Tibetan Buddhism and Bon religion. Somehow people of Tibet follow Islam and Christianity also, but Islam and Christianity is few in number. People of Tibet are very friendly and helpful which makes us feel free to travel there in Tibet. As Tibet lie in high altitude at the elevation of more than 4000 meters, the temperature is very cold, thinner air and more sunlight.

Visitors enjoy unbeatable experience in Tibet. You can do trekking of mountain region and tour of Tibet cities, monasteries.  You will be attracted by Potala palace, Jokhang temple, Barkhor Street, Dark Yerpa, Sera Monastry, Tashihunpo monastery, Rongphu monastery, Yamdruk lake, Karola glacier, and carpet and arts of Tibet, hospitality of Tibetan people. Main place of attraction of Tibet is monastery and palace. The landscape of Tibet makes you feel wow. Also you can enjoy the view of highest peak of the world Mt. Everest (8848 m) from Tibet as you can do tour to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Most of the tourist enjoys the tour of Everest Base Camp from Tibet.

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One of the most famous Tour in the world is Tibet tour for everyone trekkers who wants to visit in their holiday duration. Tibet is known as “The roof the world”. The whole Tibet is full of spectacular skylines of majestic mountain peaks, breathtaking canyons, scattered highland lake, rolling pasture and farmland and pristine forest. Tibetans have their unique ethnic traditions and glorious cultures unseen anywhere else. This mystical kingdom of fantasy in the heart of Asia has captured man imagination as now other land has.Thousands of trekkers want to come at Tibet with his/her family to spending time.
Tibet tours help you to introduce the highest monasteries on the earth and to the pious monks and the nomadic herdsmen. Through Tibet, the very fantastic view of Mt. Everest, Mt. Kailash etc can be seen. Travel in Tibet comes with some ludicrous permit requirements.So, trekkers have to know about rules & regulation about permit system through by trekking agency.
The facilities provided to tourist are still at basic and limited scales so visitors are requested not to have high expectations in terms of facilities in Tibet. Although the journey to Tibet can be hard because of the long driving but the splendid view makes it worthwhile and memorable. The roads especially the high way from Kathmandu can be rough and is subject to blockages due to landslides and floods and the altitude does pose a serious threat to quite of few people.
During this Tibet Tour we can learn about Tibetan culture,Tibetan eco- system and enjoy the breathtaking landscape of this holy land at the top of the world. Main attractions of this tour has been snow-capped mountains Panorama view and holy lakes, splendid monasteries and unsophisticated people. This Tibet Tour Package offers to visit beautiful turquoise lakes, ancient cities and monasteries, snow capped mountains and lifestyle and culture of people.We have to planning for if we journey at Tibet ,because large of the trekkers have already planning and reservation everything.Sometime everything will lack during the journey time.So, we have to manage equipment which is we need during the tour period.