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Nepal has Multi-Culture,Multi-Religious, Multi-language in the world. It is very Richest country in the world for the Natural Diversity. Most of the Trekkers want to visit here Because of,Natural Entertainment .Who visit Nepal those person never forget to Visit time & again,so we have to conserve our Natural Resource if we do not care our property we are really to get lacking of International trade . That is why our Natural Resource is more valuable guest than other things.We have a lots of Income source through by developing country such as electricity, green forest, important herbal big mountains,Lakes etc.

Touring Nepal has been the perfect destination or those tourist who seek to visualize the mighty Himalayan range of Nepal. Nepal is a country flourished with beautiful natural scenery and mountain panorama. Being the country of mighty peaks and top of the world MT Everest, there are fascinating landscape and beautiful touristic places. You will find enthralls beauty everywhere, at any part of the country, whether you are in the high Himalayas, hills or in the plain lands. The farmland accurately imprinted like stairways, the green forest with birds and wildlife, running rivers tweeting, all these have made this country a Shangri-La on the earth.

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