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One of the famous tour in world is India pilligram so,India is a country of various cultures and traditions. India is a triangle with the top formed by the mighty Himalayan Mountain chain. Here you will find the intriguing Tibetan region and the astonishingly beautiful Himalayan areas of Kashmir (The Heaven on Earth), Himachal Pradesh, Silgadi,Gharwal, Darjeeling, Sikkim. South of this is the capital city, New Delhi, and important tourist attractions like Agra (TajMahal), Khajuraho, Varanasi and the Holy Ganges. India has a lot of craze of cricket,Specially IPL (Indian Premier League)
India is a country of various Religions , Cultures and Languages. Though there are many religions in India you can find “UNITY IN DIVERSITY” among the people of India. That’s why India is called a Secular State.
Hinduism dates from since 1500 BC, its precepts being defined in the Bhagwat Gita, Vedas and The Upanishads. By the 11th and 12th centuries AD, Hinduism was priest-dominated and tied down by the unrelenting caste system.
The intellectual ferment in Asia during the 6th century BC, produced new religious thought. Buddha and Mahabir founded two distinct religious systems, both based on the sanctity of life- `ahimsa’ (non-violence).
Islam was brought to India in the 8th century by traders and missionaries, Islam became a dominant religious force during the time of the Mughul Empire.
Christianity came to India long before Vasco da Gama. There are Christian communities, both Roman Catholic and Protestant, throughout India and among the many churches there are a number which are of historical and architectural interest as well as of religious significance.
One of the recent faiths of India is Sikhism. It was founded by Guru Nanak in the Punjab, in the 15th century. The main shrine of Sikh’s, The Golden Temple Situated in Amritsar (Punjab) is a famous landmark in India.
Judaism and Zoroastrianism had a massive and positive influence on the Indian masses. These two religious groups found their shelter on the West Coast of India. These were known as the Bene Israel Jews and Parsis respectively.

Darjeeling- Sandakphu Trekking

Darjeeling Sandakphu Trekking is Famous trekking destination in sikkim. .The town of Darjeeling is located in the northeastern region of India and is internationally famous for its exquisitely flavoured tea. This picturesque town is located at an altitude of 2200 meters surrounded by thick coniferous forests. The region around Darjeeling is covered is dense rhodendron, magnolia, pine, oak and bamboo forests. A large number of orchids also grow in these forests where the trees are laid thick with moss and the vegetation is lush. The best way to explore this beautiful region is by undertaking a trek to Sandakphu at 3636 meters. This most fascinating route runs along the Singalila ridge, which originates from the mighty Kanchenjunga. From Sandakphu one has some most wonderful views of the mountain panorama. The famous Mr. Everest can also be seen amongst other well-known peaks Itinerary.